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At age nine, I began playing goalie; I fell in love. My passion for the game grew steadily and so I decided it was time to take it to the next level. Soon after, I met J. P. McKersie, my Goalie Coach.

J. P. grew up playing hockey in Madison, Wisconsin. He then went on to play for Boston University, where he became an All-American goaltender. His probable rise to play in the NHL came to an abrupt halt when he was struck by a car while riding his bicycle during his junior year. He incurred serious injuries, hospitalization, and took over a year to rehabilitate. Despite the challenges, he was able to not only able to return to Division One hockey, but went on to play professionally.

J. P. is now an extremely successful personal goalie coach. He works hard each day working with athletes desiring to improve their play. The first day I skated on the ice, the place J. P. calls home, he greeted me with a jolly smile. "How's it goin' boss?" he yelled with a silly grin. His happy-go-lucky and hard working attitude came as a shock; I could not believe his enthusiasm. J. P. is extremely grateful for the second chance he was given to live. He enjoys using his ability to teach those who want to take their game to the next level.

With each passing week, I became a better goaltender thanks to J. P.'s direction and expertise. He made me realize that as a goaltender, the mental aspect of the game of hockey is as important as being athletic. I learned not only how to play like a winning goalie, I learned how to think like a winning goalie.

J. P. can serve as a role model for anyone who meets him. He has helped me realize how thankful I should be for every day. His positive influence, both on and off the ice, has made me a better net minder; more importantly, it has made me a better person. Whether hockey is in my future or not, I will always remember the life lessons J. P. has taught me.

Cameron J. Kelley

* * * *

My boys have been working with JP for about 4 years now. From the very first session, he developed a great rapport with them. He got to know them as kids and as goalies. He always makes them smile while getting them to work hard. He knows when to push them, and when to back off.

JP has a genuine interest in seeing my kids succeed and do well; every session he asks them what they think they need to work on, rather than following a strict lesson plan, as we have encountered at other goalie training centers. My boys have trained with many other goalie coaches, but JP is the one and only coach they like to work with; they compare every other coach to him and have decided that JP is the one and only coach for them!

And as the parent of two goalies, I wholeheartedly agree with my kids!

Deb Morgan, Avery and Rylan goalies

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